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released October 12, 2016

BMHT is Krissy Breen Curtis Kilfoy Ryan Wade Leon White




Black Market Hard-Tack St. John'S, Newfoundland and Labrador

Black Market Hard-Tack is a synthpop / post-punk group from St. John's, Newfoundland. We started out composing songs based around the Korg DS-10 synth and sequencer for Nintendo DS, and fleshed out the arrangements with other instruments and synths.

Krissy Breen - Vocals

Curtis Kilfoy- Vocals and Guitar and Synth and Sequencing

Ryan Wade-
Guitar and Synth and Sequencing

Leon White- Bass
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Track Name: Blanket Fort
when the world comes
to an end
we can hide in our
blanket fort!

when the world comes to an end
we can hide in our blanket fort
in the absence of hope
imagination's last resort

a miniature civilization
under a canopy of linens
the days just go on and on
tell me how could this ever come
to an end

i'll be the mommy
and you can be the daddy
a button eyed baby
a literal nuclear family

such sweet domesticity
the illusion of security
in the eye of the storm
never sensing our fragility

bring your flashlight
and some soda crackers
bring your gas mask
and your geiger counter
we're hoarding non perishables
we're hoarding munitions
cling to humanity
in the face of perdition
Track Name: Nancy April
when the night time hits me
it's just nancy
and the look upon her face

fetch you something to drink?
is there something you fancy?
don't you worry about the taste

we could sit and talk
and i would dry your tears
by the shores of red indian lake

take them now and mix them
with the blood of the years
and put the ochre on your face

say goodbye nancy -

nancy april

goodbye nancy -

nancy april

goodbye nancy

a new home and a new name
taught their words but
they don't communicate the shame

all you leave is a map
of centuries of heartbreak
trace the treacherous terrain

when what's lost is found and you break free
from history you're held inside

soon your spirit will rise
and call an end to this
legacy of theft and genocide

say: hello nancy! nancy april
hello nancy - nancy april
hello nancy
Track Name: Hall of Mirrors
endless reflections of
endless refraction in a
hall of mirrors
runs for ever and ever and ever

i'm not who i am not who i was not who i will be
i can barely fathom the depths of my stupidity
don't wanna speak anymore only in cat language
just give me a vacation from the ranks of the warmblooded

a creature of habit who's stuck on a lockgroove
waves of feedback and static in an endless noiseloop
just a 2 yr old child in a 32 yr old wrapper
subjugate and slave to my petty desires